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Welcome to The Trojan Horse Chapter of the Special Forces Association. We are located in the Granite State of New Hampshire. If you are Special Forces qualified, or supported an SF unit, we would like to invite you re-establish your old ties, and build new friendships. Our chapter meetings are held quarterly, at various locations in our AO. Safehouse South is the Merrimack VFW and American Legion Post 27 in Londonderry, Safehouse West is the American Legion Post 183 in Shirley, Ma.  Safehouse North is the Lincoln, NH American Legion Post 83.

CHAPTER OFFICERS for 2013-2015


Ron Fallon


Max Quayle


Larry LeBlanc


Imelda Fisher


Jim Crispen

Previous Presidents

JUN 2011-Jun .....

Ron Fallon

JUN 2009-Jun 2011

Donny Miller

JUN 2005-Aug 2009

Max Quayle

JUN 2004-Dec 2005

Dixie Walker

JUN2003-JUN 2004

 Ike Isola

JUN2002-JUN 2003

Mike Nelson

JUN2001-OCT 2002

Bob Charest

JUN2000-JUN 2001

 Darnell Moore

JAN1997-JUN 2000

Bob Charest

JAN1995-JAN 1997

 Ike Isola